Annual Registration Workshop

(Mandatory for all Student Organizations)

All student organizations must send at least one member of their new executive board (president, vice president, secretary or treasurer) to a Student Organization Registration Workshop. This workshop will cover topics such as funding, available resources and benefits, and policies. All Registration Workshops will take place in the Student Union.

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Student Orginzations Toolbox Series

Funding and Grants Workshop:

Are you interested in putting on a large scale program but don't have the funds? Do you want to write a grant for your organization but don't know how? Come to the funding workshop and have all of your questions answered about travel, program, and operationals funds. There will be a walk through of how to complete a grant as well.

Upcoming Workshops: TBA

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Funding Workshop

Leading and Transitioning Workshop:

Transitioning into a leadership role in your student organization can be diffuclt.You might not know the requriements of your orginzation, how to get funding, or how to get meeting space.  This workshop will teach you have to have a successful transiton and how to be effective in your leadership role.  It is highly suggested that outgoing executive members and incoming exective members attend this workshop together.

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Membership and Recognition Workshop:

A student organization is nothing without its members.  You will learn how to build your membership through different recuriment techniques, teambuilding, conflict resolution, and ways to recognize the good work of your members.


Upcoming Workshops: