Student Organizations Toolbox Series

Our toolbox workshop series facilitates the development the skills and education that is necessary to run a successful student organization.  Check out our workshop offerings below: 


Funding and Grants

Are you interested in putting on a large scale program but don't have the funds? Do you want to write a grant for your organization but don't know how? Come to the funding workshop and have all of your questions answered about travel, program, and operationals funds. There will be a walk through of how to complete a grant as well.

Upcoming Workshops: 

Wednesday, January 22 at Noon in STUN 267

Event Planning

Have you been put in charge of your organization's big event and you're feeling a little lost?  Are the policies and procedures of reserving rooms on campus a little confusing?  Join the Conferences, Reservations and Event Services staff as they walk you through the steps to planning an event on campus.  This workshop will also highlight event planning resources available to all registered student organizations.

Upcoming Workshops

Check back for upcoming dates. 

Leading and Transitioning

Transitioning into a leadership role in your student organization can be difficult.  You might not know the requirements of your organization, how to get funding, or how to get meeting space.  This workshop will teach you how to have a successful transition and be effective in your leadership role.  It is highly suggested that outgoing executive members and incoming executive members attend this workshop together.

Upcoming Workshops

Check back for upcoming dates.