Student Organizations Showcase

Student Orgs Showcase


Join us for the Winter Student Orgs Showcase! 

Wed. January 8th from 4:30-7 p.m.

Popp Martin Student Union

Registered Student Organizations use this link to register to participate in the Showcase

The Student Organizations Showcase serves as the primary method for student organizations to recruit members and inform students about opportunities for involvement at UNC Charlotte.

*Student groups must have completed registration requirements for the 2019-2020 year to be eligible to participate in the Student Organizations Showcase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my student organization have to pay anything to participate?

No. The opportunity to participate in the Student Organization Showcase is free to all registered student organizations at UNC Charlotte.

When may my student organization set up?

Each student organization must check-in at the Student Organizations table inside the Popp Martin Student Union. Check-In will begin at 3:45 p.m. The Showcase begins at 4:30 PM, so please make sure your table is staffed and ready at 4:15 PM! 

How does my student organization get its table placement?

Groups can choose a table on a first-come, first-served basis. Your student organization may only use one table.

*The Student Organizations Office reserves the right to have groups share a table, depending on how many groups register and space available. 

What does my student organization need to bring to the Showcase?

Information about your student organization, giveaways, and candy are always helpful in attracting students to your organization. A table and chair will be provided by Student Involvement. Be creative and be sustainable! Consider using the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) to create items to enhance your table. 

How many people are needed to staff our table?

Tables must be staffed the entire duration of the Showcase. It may be beneficial to have at least two (2) people at your table during the event.

Can I get an electrical outlet or A/V equipment?

Logistical and budgetary requirements restrict us from providing electrical power or A/V equipment for tables during the Showcase. If you wish to bring your own media equipment you may do so. Additionally, music can be played at tables only at a volume that does not negatively impact nearby tables.

Can other groups or departments, other than student organizations, participate in the Showcase?

No. Only registered student organizations at UNC Charlotte are eligible to participate in the Showcase. This event is for UNC Charlotte students and to encourage their involvement and participation in student organizations and campus life.

Who can answer my other questions?

Contact Paige Compton at 704-687-7130 or if you have additional questions.