Niner Engage

What you need to KNOW:

Student Organizations

  • OrgSync will switch over to Niner Engage before Annual Registration begins for student organizations on April 1, 2018.  The system has a new look and layout. It offers the same great features you've been using in OrgSync, including events, rosters, forms and registration, plus some new additional features as well!
  • Niner Engage will be the system you use to register a new organization or re-register an existing organizations as part of the Annual Registration Process. You will need to re-register your student organization beginning April 1, 2018. Updating your organization information in Niner Engage is one of two steps needed to complete Annual Registration for the 2018-19 school year. The other is attending an Annual Registration Workshop.
  • Niner Engage will be the place to go for students looking to get involved, including prospective and new incoming students. The information you put into your Niner Engage student organization profile will determine what people see when they search through the directory or visit your page directly. We recommend an eye-catching organization logo and photos, sharing your social media information, and making sure all of your content is updated regularly, including contact information for your officers and meeting information.

Campus Departments

  • OrgSync switched over to Niner Engage the week of March 19. The system has a fresh new look and layout and offers the same great features as OrgSync, including events and searchable directories, plus additional enhanced features.

What you need to DO:

Student Organizations

  • Log in to the Niner Engage system when it becomes live and update your user profile.

  • After April 1, update your student organization's Niner Engage portal to complete one of the two steps required for Annual Registration.  Be ready with your logo, contact information for your officers and members, an updated constitution, and any updates to your social networking links!

  • Upload pictures, create and promote events, add important documents and stay in contact with your members throughout the year. Niner Engage makes it easy to manage and promote your student organization.
  • Browse events, posts, and other organizations and departments. Getting involved and staying up to date on campus involvement is now easier than ever.

Campus Departments

  • If your department has a portal in Niner Engage, you will need to log into the system to update your user profile and department portal. You will be able to access previous forms and events within your portal. We encourage you to create new content, including events and articles, to promote what is happening in your area!
  • If you have promoted OrgSync as an invovlement resource, please remember to now direct students to Niner Engage. Students will be able to browse and search organizations and events across campus, and directly connect to current student leaders that share their interests.
  • Update any printed or online materials with information about Niner Engage. The link to the new system will be If you need a copy of the new logo, please contact us.

Let us know if you have ANY questions about Niner Engage. Email or give us a call at (704) 687-7176.