On-Campus Event Funding

Registered student organizations can apply for this grant to support their programming needs on-campus. The maximum award is $2,500 per event.

Before Applying

  • Click here to make sure your student organization is registered (Questions regarding registration: pcompto2@uncc.edu)

  • Work with CRES to find a date and location for your event

  • Review timeline and all policies below


Event grant applications are due at least 3 weeks out from the event date.  We strongly recommend submitting the application 4 or more weeks out from the event date so that you can re-apply if changes are needed. All deadlines are on Fridays, and applications must be submitted by 5 PM on the deadline.


A full list of the policies for event grants (Financial Procedures Act) can be found here.  You must fully review this document prior to submitting an event grant application.  Policies for specific items funded through the event grant are below:

Funds given to an artist, lecturer, entertainer, performer, or otherwise professional individual or group providing services

  • Any associated costs for contracted services must be included in this line-item and may not be funded through any other line-item in event grants.

  • The applying organization is required to make all travel arrangements pertaining to travel for the individual or group.

  • A biography or description of the services to be provided, as well as the name and contact information of the individual, group or agency, and documentation/proof of cost must be submitted with this line item in order to be considered by the Committee.

For all items that are to be printed or contracted to print, regardless of the purpose behind it (i.e. advertising or program supplies). This includes but is not limited to: programs, handbills, posters, flyers, etc.

  • Union Station and Repros must be used for this line item, with no exceptions.

  • Proof of cost for all printing must be submitted.

  • All items printed through this line item must contain the SGA/SAFC name, logo, and disclaimer printed on the item, where the entirety of the brand is visible and legible. The disclaimer and logos are below.

  • Failure to use the aforementioned logo will result in not being approved by the Committee or treasurer or loss of future printing allocations from the Committee.

Any form of marketing or publicity including social networking, University Media, promotional material, outside publications and prints, and anything else related to advertising with the exception of items that are funded under the printing line item.

  • Information required for this line item to be considered by the Committee is as follows:

    • Proof or picture of the advertisement

    • Language to be used

    • Quantity

    • Size

    • Duration of advertising processes where applicable

  • All paid social media advertising must include the phrase "Funded in part by the SGA with your student activity fees. SGA & SAFC do not necessarily endorse the beliefs or actions of this organization." and the current SGA/SAFC logo.

  • All event grants, whether funding is being asked for advertising or not, must show proof of advertising for the event to receive funding. The advertisement is to include the organization’s name, the event date, location, time, and event name.

Solely reserved for University services, technicians, equipment, and other similar items offered through the University

  • Most items being applied for in this category are through the Reservations Office, and they should be contacted for quotes, pricing, and reservations before groups are applying for grants.

  • Information required for grant applications are as follows:

    • Quotes and pricing from the University offices

    • The number of technicians and hours needed

    • Equipment necessary to the success of the event

    • Proof of cost

Items that are crucial to the success of the event through outside vendors.

  • Program supplies must be kept and maintained by the applying organization and may not be given away, sold, or destroyed. If financed items are deemed to be reusable the items must be relinquished to the SAFC storage area. If SAFC has the item being applied for, the organization must use those items rather than purchase their own.

  • The exception is that program supplies may be kept if used in an interactive activity.

  • Program supplies require documentation of price, quantity, and purpose for each individual item in order to be considered by the Committee.

  • Parking vouchers may be applied for under this line item. In order to be considered by the Committee parking vouchers will require the name of the person receiving the voucher. Current UNC Charlotte students may not receive parking vouchers through Event Grants.

Must be for only UNC Charlotte students, unless the Committee determines other attendees requested to be fed are crucial to the success of the event.

  • In order to be considered by the Committee, food must be from Chartwells unless given a special exception, must include itemized documentation and appropriate menus, or dummy contracts or invoices from Chartwells. Non-Chartwells pre-packaged food is acceptable.

  • Food may not go over the per diem rate per student as set by the state, student organizations should check with the Financial Support Specialist to receive the most up to date per diem rates.

  • Organizations are only eligible to receive food for three meals per semester, and may not exceed half of the cap set for event grant funding.

  • Event grants may include Food and Beverage as the only line item in the request.

  • In order to determine the per diem, the times further listed are designated for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is from 6 AM to noon. Lunch is from noon until 5 PM. Dinner is from 5 PM until breakfast begins the following day.

Printed Materials Disclaimer

"Funded in part by the Student Government Association with your student activity fees. SGA and SAFC do not necessarily endorse the beliefs or actions of this organization."

For Digital Advertising:

SAFC-SGA Disclaimer Logo - PDF

SAFC-SGA Disclaimer Logo - PNG

SAFC-SGA Disclaimer Logo - Vector

For Print Advertising:

SAFC-SGA Disclaimer Logo - PNG

SAFC-SGA Disclaimer Logo - Vector

On-Campus Event Grant Application

Complete and submit your application on Niner Engage.  Be prepared with all required information and documentation explained above.

Spring 2020 - Virtual Events Only

Fall/Spring 2020-21 - Events on or After August 23, 2020

On-Campus Event Grant Evaluation

After the funded event is over, a member of the organization must complete and submit an evaluation of the event within 20 business days of the date of the event. Failure to submit an evaluation form will result in suspended funding. 

On-Campus Event Evaluation


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